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Introducing our heartfelt service to share pdf obituaries with friends and family worldwide – for only $2.99

ObitBox FAQ

Welcome to ObitBox's FAQ page, our guide to understanding our service. Here, you'll find answers to common inquiries about our service, designed to simplify the process of creating and managing obituaries with ease and sensitivity.

Learn how to navigate our user-friendly interface, discover tips for crafting meaningful tributes, and explore our array of customization options to honor your loved ones uniquely or seeking guidance on memorial etiquette or technical assistance.

Our Story

In preparing to honor our loved ones we are faced with seemingly a million questions. One of those questions is, how do I easily share our remembrance with friends, family, and co-workers without huge costs for printing and mailing additional obituaries? We grappled with these same questions after the devastating loss of one of our friends. We realized that someone needed to create a simple and affordable way to simply share obituaries.

Thus, "ObitBox" was born – a platform dedicated to commemorating the lives of loved ones lost, providing a space where families could share personalized obituaries.

Our family came together to create something truly special – an environmentally friendly solution that would not only serve as a tribute to our loved ones but also provide a solution for you and your families.

Finally, we offer our sympathy for your loss and our prayers during this time of recovery.